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PROGRAM: Leadership Brentwood

It’s a Nashville thing, and I am so honored to be accepted for Leadership Brentwood for their 2024 cohort.

The Leadership Brentwood program is sponsored by the Williamson County Chamber Foundation, the non-profit arm of the  Williamson, Inc. Chamber of Commerce.

The program consists of daylong seminars, group discussions, field trips and retreats that address different issues in the Brentwood and surrounding areas. The sessions create a forum to exchange ideas and discuss areas of interest. Each participant will be involved in a small group project outside of the program schedule to leave a legacy for the community.

The program offers individuals the opportunity to become involved and to make a difference in Brentwood and in Williamson County.

The daylong programs include a focus on history, education, business, economic development, media/entertainment, government, and quality of life.

Participants are also given the opportunity to network and develop relationships with other class members and community leaders.

Huge thanks to those who sponsored and supported me!

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