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“Man is a tool-using animal. Nowhere do find him without tools; without tools he is nothing; with tools he is all.” Thomas Carlyle

So, what is your unmet need? Are you lost? Are you stuck? Do you just not know? You are looking for an answer, any answer, for a way forward, right? So, where do you go from here?

The answer is self-development and self-growth. How do you achieve either? You need a tool because man is a tool user. Please let me help you. First, do some research on Ray Dalio, the ex-CEO of Bridewater Associates. He is an economic and financial genius, which has resulted in him becoming a multi-billionaire. He is a confidant and advisor to numerous U.S. and foreign government officials, presidents, prime ministers, and global policymakers. He developed a world-class, scientifically supported personality assessment for Bridewater Associates called PrinciplesYou that has no equal. And because he is a philanthropist and altruistic, he has provided this assessment to the world, FREE OF CHARGE! You need this tool for self-learning and self-growth and to discover your way forward, and you can take it for free! Free is good, right?

The Principles Group contacted me through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and offered me the opportunity to become a PrinciplesYou trainer and facilitator. I took the assessment and found it spot on concerning my results. Since becoming PrinciplesYou certified, I have abandoned every other assessment I used previously, as have many of my fellow PrincipleYou trainers. I then became a certified trainer and facilitator for the group/team assessment from Principles Group, called PrinciplesUs. This assessment is available for teams and can be facilitated through leadership workshops led by certified Principles professionals like me.

It starts with you getting out of your comfort zone and taking action. So take the PrinciplesYou assessment and examine your results. I can assist in your debriefing so you get the best understanding of your results. This is your tool; this is your way forward. Focus on you and your results first, then consider using PrincipsUs for your team or business.

“My purpose is selfless service; leadership is my passion. I want you to take action. I want you to find yourself and get unstuck. I want to help you be a better you, I want to help your team be a better team, and I want to make your business a better business. Find me at What do you have to lose? Those who dare, win!



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