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John And Kristi

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Risk Management

  • 50+ years of Corporate Leadership Experience
  • ICF Certified
  • 35 Years of Military Experience
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  • Extensive background in various disciplines in multiple industries and the military
  • Widely Diverse Leadership, Management, and Coaching Background.
  • Subject Matter Expertise and Certified in Instructing Numerous Assessments
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  • 6 Separate Assessment Training Certifications
  • Co-Directors for the Chief Operating Officer Forum
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Academic Background

  • John: West Point Graduate, Master's degree from Army War College, MA Military History Norwich Univ, ICF Performance Coaching Lipscomb Univ
  • Kristi: BS Electrical Engineering from Valparaiso Univ, MBA from Cal Poly Univ, MAS Embry- Riddle Univ, Meditation, SixSigma/ Lean Green Belt

Frequently Asked Questions

John Hope is a combat wounded veteran, and as a result of his wounds, he is currently 80% disabled as per the Veterans Administration (VA). Combat disabled veterans are identified as a protected class by the federal government, and “Leading With Hope TN” is established as a Veteran Owned, Service-Disabled Small Business and offers benefits for governmental agencies and businesses to utilize “Leading With Hope” as a protected business class.

We help you become a better you; we help your team become a better team.

Through assessments, we help you discover you, your goals, and objectives. We assist you in creating your individual performance plan to reach your goals. We are your guides and mentors during your self - improvement journey.

Do you seek additional self-learning? Do you want improves personal and team performance? Stop. Self evaluate. Create new goals and a timeline. Create plan. Execute the plan. That's how you will get to where you want to be.

Do you really know you purpose? Find your purpose. Establish your goals. Write your Core Purpose Statement. Create your individual performance plan. Execute. 

The ICF Methodology pairs a certified coach with a client for purposes of client self discovery. The client sets the agenda; the coach is the guide for self improvement for as long as the journey progresses. The coach is an active listener, not a problem solver for the client. Together, they determine the way forward.

Leader Development, Performance Coaching,
and Executive Search

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