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John Hope

The twin pillars of leadership and selfless service are rooted deeply within me. As an alumnus of the esteemed West Point Military Academy, I continue to live by its Honor Code: "A Cadet does not lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate those who do." Without ethics as your bedrock, being a leader who makes a positive impact is impossible. I served in the Army for 35 years, an experience that was not exactly as I anticipated but, nevertheless, one I am grateful for.

Upon retiring from the Army, I discovered that my commitment made at graduation "to provide a lifetime of service to the Nation" had evolved. My service was no longer within the military realm, but it had transformed into a mission to empower my community, encouraging individuals and groups to become the best versions of themselves.

I accomplish this by integrating my experiences as a military officer and a business owner with my pursuit of further education. Initially, I became a Certified Master Executive Coach; but then took it to the next level and completed 10 months of rigorous training at Lipscomb University to become a Certified Performance Coach as well. This rigorous journey culminated in my certification as an ACC by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the leading global organization in the coaching profession, and I am on the path to achieving the PCC level soon.

The moments of highest pride in my career include graduating from West Point without ever being subject to Walk The Yard, and earning my Ranger tab.

Leadership is my DNA, and selfless service is my purpose.

Kristi Hope

My clients, in both Coaching and Executive Search sectors, opt for my services owing to my extensive business experience with industry heavyweights, including Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Textron, and Stanton Chase. I’m an Engineer by degree, and to my Core; my technical & business education includes MBA; MS, Aeronautical Science; BS, Electrical Engineering; Executive Coaching, Mediation & Six Sigma Certified. Being “the first” woman in many roles ignited my fervor for not just discussing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion but truly ensuring its outstanding success.

One of the most significant highlights of my career was when the late King Hussein of Jordan awarded me the Jordanian Star Medal. This honor was in recognition of my leadership during the renovation of his Head of State aircraft.


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Team Hope Expertise

John and Kristi, married for seven years, thoroughly enjoy engaging in workshops where they can contribute both the male and female perspectives to enrich conversations about various experiences. They have achieved the status of Master Certified Leadership Coaches and possess certifications in numerous assessment tools. Additionally, they hold two Master's degrees in engineering and are deeply committed to inspiring leadership. Apart from their professional endeavors, they are both actively writing books. Furthermore, they couldn’t be happier deciding to make Nashville home, cherishing its vibrant atmosphere, live music, delectable cuisine, and exciting sports opportunities.

What We Do

  • Leadership-focused Enneagram
  • The Input-Output Processing Template (I Opt)
  • Principles You ®
  • Everything DiSC®️
  • California Psychological Inventory CPI-260®️
  • Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index-360®️
  • 5 Cultures of Culture (5CCA)
  • 1- 5-day Workshops tailored to your team's needs and your budget
  • Deep Dive into principles of Leadership learned from doing over decades
  • Assessments - which and how many determined by the length of the workshop
  • Discovering individual Purpose
  • Defining personal and professional goals
  • Formulating an individual development plan that addresses all of the above.

Individual coaching is strictly one-on-one, with topics and the durations based on the clients needs. Utilizing the International Coaching Federation (ICF) model and standards, all conversations are confidential and conducted in accordance with the ICF ethical standards. In an atmosphere of trust, the client sets timeline and the agenda for hourly engagements. The minimal engagement time is three months at the proscribed rate.

Business Team development uses the Everything DiSC assessments chosen and customized by the client. DiSC results will identify one of four DiSC styles for each participant and will include team building for improved group dynamics. Team development will be addressed in an orderly fashion top down, starting with the business purpose, vision, and vision statement, and then moving on to the mission, mission statement, and Corporate Core Purpose. 

John & Kristi are Master Certified Leadership Coaches with a coaching philosophy and methodology combining assessments and extensive real-world leadership experiences. Their tailored 1:1 coaching sessions are specifically designed for executives who possess a deep passion for personal growth; recognizing the importance of continuous improvement, they understand that every leader must embrace challenges and be held accountable to surpass their present capabilities and accomplish their ambitious aspirations for themselves and their organizations. This transformative coaching experience typically spans 6-9 months, offering a journey like no other you have ever encountered. Are you ready to rise to the occasion and embark on this extraordinary path of self-discovery and achievement?

John dedicated his entire Army career to operations and strategy, culminating in the remarkable achievement of being one of the rare few bestowed with the coveted Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) of "Army Strategist." Complementing his military background, John's second recognized strength, as per StrengthsFinder 2.0, is his prowess as a "Strategist."

During her corporate tenure with esteemed companies like Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, and Textron, Kristi Hope excelled in developing numerous business strategies. Whether crafting strategies for individual program advancements or spearheading comprehensive initiatives for new business ventures, Kristi consistently showcased her strategic acumen.

Together, John & Kristi form an exceptional duo capable of facilitating your company's strategy's creation, revision, and affirmation. They will also help develop the associated tactics and establish a team charter crucial for transforming these plans into tangible realities. Your organization can chart a path to success and achieve your desired objectives with their expertise and guidance.

It is considered a best practice for businesses of any size to regularly evaluate their corporate culture. Strategy and culture are closely intertwined, but the relationship between culture and leadership is particularly inseparable. When culture is aligned with strategy and leadership, it has a significant impact on driving positive organizational outcomes. An organization's culture is greatly influenced by its purpose, vision, mission, and core values. It is crucial for the company's values and norms to be clearly communicated and shared across the entire organization. Conducting periodic corporate culture reviews helps ensure that there is alignment and synergy between the organization's purpose, strategy, vision, and mission.

John’s DEI certification and Kristi’s firsthand experiences as a trailblazing female engineer give them a deep understanding of what approaches yield positive outcomes and what should be avoided.



What our customers say


We are so thankful that Leading With Hope joined us at our staff retreat this week to offer guidance on professional development, culture, and team building as we plan for 2023!

Big thanks to Kristi and John!

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